Kiln Dried Firewood Benefits

Many homeowners ask, what are the benefits of, and what’s the difference between seasoned and kiln dried firewood?

To begin, our kiln dried firewood is composed of dried hardwood that starts easily yet burns cleanly, evenly and produces a surprisingly comfortable level of heat. Given our firewood is a mix of quality oak, ash, maple, beech and cherry, you’ll experience a wonderful aroma and ambiance as you gather around your fireplace or fire pit.

Unlike seasoned wood (which is generally cut in the summer and burned just a few months later), kiln dried firewood has many advantages including:

Beautiful Flames. As our kiln dried firewood is a mix of quality hardwoods, you’ll see beautiful variations in color and smell wonderful aromas. You’ll also notice substantially fewer, if any pops, which can send sparks potentially over your fireplace screen.

Burns Longer. Kiln dried firewood not only burns hotter, it burns longer — meaning fewer logs must be added to the fire over the same period compared to seasoned firewood.

Lights Easy. Kiln dried firewood is easy to ignite, allowing you to focus on the comfort.

No Bugs. The kiln drying process eliminates any insects from the firewood — keeping your home clean and pest free. Kiln dried firewood is also free of mold and fungus, so you can confidently store it within your home.

Super Clean. Our kiln dried firewood brings less bark and debris into your home facilitating easy storage in your home, basement or hearth area.

No Smoke. Kiln dried firewood burns cleanly, producing less smoke which is important during windy periods which can force exiting gasses back down the chimney.

No Creosote. Creosote is produced by the burning of wood which still contains ample sap — which is eliminated through the kiln drying process. Creosote is the sticky, often black build-up that occurs within your fireplace and chimney. It is highly flammable and can cause chimney fires.

Weighs Less. As the kiln dried process removes residual moisture from the wood (and sap), you can more easily carry kiln dried firewood.

Great Pricing. We provide the highest quality kiln dried firewood with the most attractive pricing in the area.

Free Delivery. Our kiln dried firewood is delivered and stacked free of charge within our service areas.

So, if you’re still unsure if our unmatched kiln dried firewood is for you, please contact us. We’ll answer all of your questions.