Below are selected testimonials from our clients. We are delighted they are pleased with our kiln dried firewood, our delivery and our great pricing — and so will you!

“Your firewood is way better than Vermont Good Wood. Your wood is drier, lights and burns better, and the logs are larger. I wish I found Unmatched Firewood sooner!”
–Jake S.
“So easy to order and all wood was neatly stacked. The best part was that the wood is GREAT! Burns so easily and cleanly. First time using them and will definitely purchase from this company again. Two thumbs up!”
–Michelle M.
“The wood is well dried, delivery was timely and the men stacked it without making a mess, and the price is competitive. Overall an excellent experience and I will be returning annually for my firewood needs.”
–Diane I.
“Was looking for my first firewood delivery and selected this company. Several hours after purchasing online, the firewood showed up at my house and the two very nice men also assembled my firewood rack as it was not yet put together. Prompt delivery and A+ service. Wood quality seems to be great as well, kiln dried and the best price-point around with free stacking (a huge benefit).”
–Conor C.
“Delivery was within a day or two after placing the order. They delivered a real face cord, not almost a face cord. Their prices are competitive. Finally, the wood burns like a dream; you almost start it without any paper or other fire starting aids.”
–Doug W.
“I ordered online and the wood arrived the very next day, beautifully stacked and all. It was that easy…”
“I’ve only use them once, but plan on using them again when my firewood supply gets low. They were great, delivered and stacked in my backyard. Their firewood burns great. I would highly recommend them.”
–Darren R.
I was shopping for firewood after being disappointed in my last order from another company. I found Unmatched Firewood and their prices were great, and I’ve now used their wood and couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend!”
–Laurie C.
“Amazing service!!! Can’t beat the prices definitely would recommend you stop here for fireworks and a snow cone to stay cool.”
–Brandon B.
“Received my order of kiln dried firewood last week – very happy with the quality, speed of delivery and the way the guys stacked it neatly. Burns beautifully in our fire pit.”
–Meghan C.
“Ordered from Unmatched Firewood and received my order last week – super happy with how the guys organized it and has kept us warm by the fire pit especially now that it’s cooling down significantly. Will be ordering again.”
–Nicholas B.
“Called in the morning and the wood had arrived by 2pm that day! The woods burns hot and lights easily!”
–Kyle C.
“I received my first load of wood from Unmatched Firewood a few days ago. The guys were there as scheduled, courteous, and stacked the wood neatly and in no time. The wood burned great and it warmed up our house for the holidays. Our first time using Unmatched but it wont be the last. I highly recommend them.”
–Chris V.
“Unmatched Firewood says it all. Best wood I’ve ever had around here. Delivery was essentially next day, with the wood moved around the back of the house and stacked. Awesome.”
–K B.
“Tried b/c new customers receive a discount. Their wood is super clean with no bugs. Lit right away. We’re happy and will definitely use again!”
–Alison S.
“Received a mix of hardwoods that were easy to light and had a great flame. With the added bonus of the wood being delivered and stacked for free, and a new customer discount. Can’t beat that!!!”
–Dessy G.
Received my delivery of klin dried firewood from Unmatched Firewood last week. The wood was delivered as promised and neatly stacked right on our front porch where indicated all at no fee. I’d use them again with out a doubt!”
–Allison C.
“I wasn’t sure kiln dried firewood was worth it – until I lit the logs. WOW!! Started right away and burned steady all evening. Delivery guys were great stacking the wood for us in Stamford right where we wanted and then covering it up. I HIGHLY recommend Unmatched Firewood – Stay warm everybody!”
–Cindi H.
“We just received our firewood yesterday, and wow is it great. It lit right away and burned nice and hot. Their kiln dried wood is great with no bark, bugs or dirt on the hearth. Kudos to the delivery team as they neatly stacked it and didn’t charge us for delivery. And we received a new customer discount. Triple win.”
–Lee S.
“They are very quick to schedule a delivery. Delivery occurred as scheduled. The firewood was brought into my garage and neatly stacked. The delivery guys were very nice and also provided some additional small scrap kindling. This wood just about be ignited with a match, it is so ready to burn.”
–Doug W.
“Tried Unmatched for the first time — good choice! Excellent price and immediate delivery, stacking included. The wood is a great mixture and burns just as I like it. I will be back for more and heartily recommend them.”
–Brian G.
“Quick delivery, quality firewood and stacking the wood was a great bonus! We definitely recommend Unmatched Firewood!”
–Noelle C.
“Great firewood. Burns well as advertised.”
–John B.
“I used Unmatched Firewood for the 1st time and I am very happy. I placed an order on line, followed up with a phone call which was received by a very friendly woman and the order showed up promptly and stacked neatly. They even left me some extra kindling as well. I will continue to use this company.”
–Rich S.
“Placed my first ever order for firewood from Unmatched. Happened to also be the weekend with the most snow in years, and there was a hiccup or two, but the staff were awesome and communicated very transparently”
–Gregory W.